Tuesday, March 23, 2010


#11 for 2010

Outside my window ... it is gorgeous! The sky is a beautiful blue and the temps are supposed to be back in the 70's today ... can you tell I am ready for spring to come and stay?

I am hearing ... nothing, but the sound of my typing ... the kids really need to be up and going, but, for the moment, I am enjoying the quiet.

I am wearing ... jeans and a CHEB t-shirt. I am barefoot now since I think today will be a flip-flop day!  Did I mention how ready I am for spring?

I am going ... to take JW to speech, LB to dance and then JW to ball practice tonight.  I am hoping to squeeze in a trip to the library sometime today.

I am noticing that ... I am really starting to get excited about new curriculum for next year.

I am thinking ... about balance and wondering about the possibility taking on a new role next year.

I am hoping ... that the kids can get back into the routine of school without too much complaining.

I am reading ... Sadly, nothing ... which is why I am planning a trip to the library today.

I am creating ... now that the weather is improving and the kids can play outside at my parents' house, I am going to get back to sewing.  I have a pattern for a cute skirt for LB that I want to make next, I think.

I am remembering ... the pictures we saw last night of the children in Ecuador receiving shoeboxes and the pictures we saw of the places that those kids call "home."

On my mind ... Mama getting chemo as I type this ... hopefully this time won't be as bad as last time.
Words that I am pondering ... "the enemy of kindness is busyness."

Counting my blessings ... SPRING! (I know, I seem to have a one-track mind today ;-) ~ I just can't help it!), ministry opportunities, seeing God working in my life and in the lives of those around me, reconnecting with old friends and family~even though the circumstances weren't ideal, seeing the impact a life lived for Christ can make on others.

From the learning rooms ... back to reality! 

From the kitchen ... Chicken noodle soup for tonight. I had planned to have this last Tuesday, but my plans had to be changed, so I am trying again tonight.  I am also going to make bread and roasted tomato salsa today.

Around the house ... uggh.  Really, there are no real words for this today!

One of my favorite things ... hearing D say "Mommy, I want to hug you" and knowing that there are two translations to that statement ... 1. "Mommy, please pick me up" and 2. "Mommy, please don't be mad about whatever I did that I know I shouldn't have done!"

A picture to share with you ... I'm not sure what they were looking at, but they sure were intent on whatever it was.

Thanks for visiting ...
I hope you have a great week!

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Patty said...

It is a beautiful day here also. I have been working on curriculum and a schedule for my son's lessons for next fall also. I too am excited.

I hope all goes well for your mother.

Have a wonderful week.

Rie said...

Love those "pondering words".

I've been thinking about that new role business, also. Praying we both make the right decision.

I hope your family has a better week than last week. Once again, so sorry about your uncle and I will remember your mom this week.

Love ya!

Hen Jen said...

I am ready for spring, too! It is warm where I live today, too.

have a wonderful week! :)

Felicity said...

You're ready for spring, and I'm actually looking forward to the winter (can youbelieve that?) I'm just sooo tired of being hot all the time.
I hope your spring comes quickly.