Tuesday, March 16, 2010


#10 for 2010

Outside my window ... it is cloudy and cool.  Signs of spring are everywhere.

I am hearing ... Here I Am to Worship by Phillips, Craig and Dean.  The kids are still asleep, so the house is quiet.

I am wearing ... my jammies!

I am going ... to try and figure out a plan to get everyone where they need to be tonight.

I am noticing that ... my coffee doesn't taste as good when I can't smell it!

I am thinking ... that I really should go put on a batch of bread.

I am hoping ... that this allergy mess doesn't last too long.

I am reading ... ???.

I am creating ... not much.

I am remembering ... that 2 years ago during spring break, I was in the hospital recovering from surgery and how thankful I am that it is over.

On my mind ... the difficult weeks ahead for my aunt.

Words that I am pondering ... I'll just keep last week's words ... they bear repeating, I think.
"Does my life exhibit enough hope for someone to ask the reason for it? Maybe worse than not having a good answer is the possibility that no one even notices enough difference in my life to ask me about it." (See 1 Peter 3:15)

Counting my blessings ... a wonderful weekend away, seeing Ronnie with the kids during their field trip and on the beach, a fairly easy fix for our van and that it didn't break down between here and the coast, coming home.

From the learning rooms ... it will be a light week ... mostly cleaning and decluttering.  We will try to get some work done though.

From the kitchen ... Chicken noodle soup for tonight.  I am proud of myself for getting a menu done for this week ... now I just need to go buy the groceries I need for what I planned.

Around the house ... I am STILL trying to tackle the clutter that is overtaking the house.

One of my favorite things ... watching Ronnie play with the kids.

A picture to share with you ... on the beach looking for shells ... which they found in abundance!

Thanks for visiting ...
I hope you have a great week!


Handwoven Dreams said...

I'm glad ya'll had a GREAT time at the beach and I'm glad ya'll also got an unexpected extra beach day!

Talk to you soon!

Felicity said...

Looks like a great time at the beach! I'm also still struggling with clutter - it just seems to keep multiplying behind my back. Hope your allergy is over soon.