Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Reflections

The word for today: challenged

After a great Sunday School lesson and two sermons from the Word of God, challenged is the most appropriate word I can think to sum up the day.

Challenged by the Sunday School lesson from the book of Nehemiah to spend time planning and preparing for the things God has laid on my heart to do. Challenged to be patient and wait for God's leading instead of running ahead of God or following my own plan. Nehemiah spent four months praying, when was the last time I committed that amount of time to a single burden God has laid on my heart?

Challenged by this morning's sermon to examine my walk with Christ. Am I serving out of a sense of duty, or because I love Him and desire to follow His perfect will for my life? Challenged to search my thoughts and my attitude toward God's Word, God's house, God's family, the world, and God's Son. A statement to consider ... "when I submit to God because I love Him, my whole perspective changes."

Challenged by this evening's sermon to allow the Holy Spirit to work freely in my life to bring understanding, power, boldness, vitality, fervor, and passion for the lost into my life and to lead me to earnest prayer.

One final thought for the day ... tonight at choir practice, as we practiced our Easter Musical, I was so moved by the words of one of the songs. We have been working on this music for several weeks, so this isn't the first time I have heard the song, but somehow it spoke to me differently tonight. Some of you may be familiar with the song "He Grew the Tree" but just in case you aren't, let me share a few lines with you.
He grew the tree that He knew would be used to make the old rugged cross. Nothing took His life, with love He gave it. He was crucified on a tree that He created. With great love for man God stayed with His plan. He grew the tree so that we might go free. (words and music by Chuck Lawrence)

I think that these words speak for themselves. God's love, beyond anything we can possibly imagine. So now I am challenged with one more thing ... to be thankful.

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