Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boys will be boys ...

Even though I am nervous when they do it,
I always expected the boys to climb trees and such.
In this picture the Shy One is showing me that he can now climb higher than he ever has before ... as Mama's heart tightens and fear moves in.

The Hurricane is still staying pretty close to the ground, but since he started climbing long before he could walk, I am expecting to have to call the fire department for him one day.
Okay, so I expected this of my boys, but ...

... how do you explain this?
This is my normally girly-girl out climbing the boys and loving it.
You might also notice that, though these pictures were taken yesterday and it is only March, my Dancing-Girl-turned-tree-climber and the Hurricane are barefoot. Spring is definitely in the air, even though today is 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, it is still comfortably in the 60's. The kids have been amazed at how quickly our tree has gone from barren to covered in tiny red and green leaves.

This is the Hurricane's first experience with "wish flowers" ... he thought it was great fun, even though it took him about 10 tries to get all the little fuzzy things blown away.


Jennifer said...

That looks like a wonderful climbing tree!! Ours are all very tall without any branches within reach :(

Mrs. Jane Doe said...

What a cute post! Growing up quite the fru fru girl myself and still am, I still love to climb trees! ;O)

It is so nice to meet you - you and your family are just precious!


Lori said...

I grew up with 3 older brothers, so I climbed my share of trees.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to tell you, I am a self taught knitter. I bought a book along with needles (bamboo -easier to work with) and some yarn at Hobby Lobby about 3 years ago. It took me until last year to not get so frustrated with it. There are tons of helpful sites on the web for self learners.

Give it a try, you'll be hooked.