Sunday, July 25, 2010

a (hopefully) small setback

I am almost packed for this trip that was supposed to begin around 4 o'clock today.  But, just about the time that everything was almost ready and the kids had reached a fever pitch, the phone rang.

Mama:  we've got a problem ...
Me:  uh-oh ...
The kids ... what, what?????

Mama proceeded to tell me that on the way to church this morning, Daddy noticed an unusual noise coming from the van.  He has a preliminary diagnosis of a wheel bearing going out.  But, we won't know for sure until he can get it checked out in the morning.

When I told the kids what was going on, LB and JW just groaned and went on about their business.  D cried at first and then proceeded to tell me that now he will NEVER get to climb a mountain.

So, for now, the trip is on hold and for the sake of my kids extreme excitement (and my parents' pocketbook) I am praying for a bad wheel bearing and a departure only delayed, not canceled. 

And finally, I am thanking God that, whatever the problem, it was discovered while in the comfort of our own city and not in the middle of nowhere between here and Montana, 'cause trust me, there is a lot of nowhere between here and there.


Greg and Donna said...

I hope the problem is easily fixed and y'all can be on your way. Keep us updated.

Felicity said...

Always something to be thankful for! ;-)
Hope it's all fixed up soon.

Kristan said...

Prayer works for cars too! Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope all is well by today.