Monday, September 28, 2009

Daybook ~ September 28th

Outside my window ~ sunshine is streaming in ~ it is a beautiful sight, especially since we haven't seen much sunshine here lately.

I am wearing ~ mismatched jammies.

I am hearing ~ the washing machine spinning sheets and a mattress pad ... the kids said that it sounds like the washer and dryer are having a fight.

I am thinking ~ that I really must go to the grocery store today.

I am going ~ to take the kids to the Fire Academy tomorrow ... one of their favorite field trips.

I am hoping ~ for a better night's sleep tonight ... my littlest one didn't sleep well last night so I didn't either.

On my mind ~ I need to call and rearrange a couple of appointments for the week.

I am reading ~ just started the Book of Matthew with the kids last night and Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham ... an excellent book that I plan to post a review of soon.

I am remembering ~ to pray for the Month of Harvest revival that begins at our church on Sunday.

I am thankful for ~ sunshine returning after a long season of rain.

From the learning rooms ~ I am planning to begin implementing the new schedule that I've been working on this week. Nothing major, just hoping to keep a better handle on the kids' regular work and their co-op work and get them on a regular schedule of chores.

From the kitchen ~ nothing if I don't buy groceries soon! For tonight we will have great northern beans, rice and cornbread ~ I think I have what I need for this on hand.

Around the house ~ I need to spend some time assessing the kids' clothes and see what they are going to need for fall and winter, though it isn't quite time to put up their summer clothes.

One of my favorite things ~ a good cup of coffee and a quiet morning.

A picture to share with you ~ my silly son wearing his shirt backwards ... he wouldn't cooperate and let me get a good picture, but it is still funny. (Please ignore the messy desk behind him!)

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1 comment:

Jerralea said...

I had to come by your blog when I saw the name of it! My grandma used to always say that about my dad, "he's paying for his raising."

Hope you make it to the market. I hate it on grocery day because there is nothing left in my house to fix. We can go through a bunch of groceries faster than grocery day rolls around again!

Too funny about the backwards shirt on your son. My daughter has a couple shirts she likes to wear inside out!