Thursday, April 9, 2009

A not so normal week ...

I like normal ... I don't really crave adventure very often and am pretty happy just hanging out at home. It hasn't always been this way, but the busier things (the kids) get, the more I really look forward to the days we just don't have anything to do, at least nothing that requires us leaving the house.

Knowing this, you might be able to understand why I am a little frazzled this week. Wednesday and Friday are the only two free days this week. The real kicker is that we have had (and will continue to have) something every night. Tuesday and Thursday are the worst ... JW at ball practice, us at choir practice ... both happening at the same time in different cities.

Next week won't be much better ... baseball games start on Tuesday, the kids musical is next week so we have extra practice times, my mother-in-law is coming to stay with us for the musical, so I need to do some extra cleaning ... and on and on and on .........

So all of that griping to say that I chose to let the kids have an unusual treat yesterday. We started on an art project that we will hopefully finish tomorrow. I'll save the details for later when I post the finished products, but for now just know that it involved all three kids and LOTS of paint! They had lots of fun though. About the time we finished painting, my youngest brother stopped by for just a minute and while he was here the kids went outside to play with the new toys we bought at the Dollar Tree.
I hadn't really planned for this kind of mess yesterday ...

... but they sure had fun doing it. And yes, my boys are in my front yard in the middle of the day in their pajama pants. Sorry, you had to see that!

Of course, when they got tired and cold, everyone had to have a bath which meant traipsing through my house dripping wet.
Unfortunately for the kids, playing in the morning meant that they had this to do in the afternoon ...

They weren't too keen on having to actually do school work, but they survived and overall, it was a pretty good way to let off a little steam and gear up for the next week and a half of extreme busyness. Then things should calm down a little.
At least I hope so.
But, to be honest, I am not betting on it!

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