Saturday, June 4, 2011

wreckers and regulators

Baseball this year was one of firsts for both boys.  It was D's first year playing team sports of any kind and JW moved up to kid-pitch baseball.  Kid-pitch has all kinds of new rules for the boys to learn and JW was one of only two or three who hadn't played in this league before.  Two things that we assumed JW knew about were walks and getting hit by a pitch.  He caught on to the walks pretty quickly, but was totally surprised by getting to "take his base" after he got hit by a pitch for the first time.

I think they both had a good year and now that it is all over, I think I will miss it, at least a little.  I can't say that I really enjoyed having to be at the ball fields 4 nights a week, but I love watching my boys play!

One kind of nice thing about this years' teams was that there were several pairs of siblings on the boys' teams.  I enjoyed getting to know the parents and the kids became friends hanging out while their brothers were playing ball.  D quickly became attached to a little girl on his team named Alyssa.  Her older brother was on JW's team and she even has an older sister that LB became good friends with.  All these new friendships made things much easier for me since the kids weren't complaining about being bored when they weren't the ones playing.

The main point of this post was just to share some of their pictures from the year, so here they are:

JW ~ getting ready for his first game with the Regulators

D's first game with the Wreckers

just waiting to play

waiting on their turn to bat

the kids loved this aftergame ritual

I just LOVE this face!

sometimes I would need something to keep my hands busy!

listening to Coach Danny

leading off of first ... he got pretty good listening to his coaches and stealing bases

D preferred hitting the ball off of the tee rather than pitched by the coach

trying to steal home

JW and Mason at their end of the year party

D and Alyssa at their end of the year party

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