Thursday, June 23, 2011

ninety five ... oh my!

We spent last weekend in Gulfport celebrating Ronnie's Grandmother's 95th birthday.  We had a great weekend with the family, especially since almost everyone was there (except two great-grandkids - Ashlee and Eva and one grandchild - Allison). 
Five generations
MeeMee finally got to meet her first great-grandson ... Wyatt

MeeMee and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren who could be there

While the focus of the day was supposed to be MeeMee, I think little Wyatt may have stolen the show ....

Granny lovin' on Wyatt

Wyatt and his Nana
Trying to decide what to give someone who is turning 95 is a little difficult.  When Granny was here last we talked about it and I decided to make her a small afghan.  I will have to admit that it took longer than I thought it would, but I was very pleased with the final result.

We spent Sunday afternoon with Ronnie's Uncle Charlie, Aunt Pat and Bianca (their granddaughter) boating, swimming and grilling (actually, Pat grilled while the rest of us played!)  My children love going out on Charlie's boat ... they don't get to do this but a couple of times a year and it is always exciting to them.  Charlie is a great sport and enjoys letting the kids drive the boat.  The boys always look forward to their turn and this time, even LB took a turn ... though she wasn't as excited as the boys were.

MeeMee is the only great-grandparent that my children have left and I am thrilled that they got to celebrate her 95th birthday with her.  I hope that this is something they will always remember and that they will know how important it is to take the time to get to know the older people in their lives who have so much to offer and yet are so often overlooked by young people.

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