Saturday, June 4, 2011

dance on demand

LB's sixth dance recital was last weekend.  I can't believe how much she has grown up since we started in this whole dance thing when she was only 5.  I think she still loves it as much as she ever did and each year I can see progress in her and in her class at their dance recital.

This year she danced a duet with another home schooled girl in her class.  They chose a lyrical ballet to the song You Are My All in All.  They did a beautiful job and looked really well matched for dancing together.  The night of the recital they were already talking about doing another duet next year.  As much as I like the fact that they chose a worship song to dance to, I hope that they will do a tap number next year.

This year's recital was a little unusual because Mrs. Gerry, LB's dance teacher had an appendectomy just two days before the recital and wasn't able to attend.  Her husband, Mr. August, was the emcee as usual, but you could tell that the girls were thrown off balance by Mrs. Gerry not being there.  Mr. August told the crowd that this was the first recital she had missed in 58 years of teaching dance ... wow!

LB and Desi waiting to dance their duet
(and me showing off the bun cover I made)

Pretty girls

The class costume

my favorite picture of LB

she loves getting flowers every year

her Daddy chose these flowers especially to match her dress


Tina Hollenbeck said...

My girls have been taking dance for several years, too. Actually, they took a break for a while and then only one wanted to do it this past year...but the program she was in (at the Y) has a recital (some of our previous situations didn't do that), which inspired my other I think I'll have two in it again next year. :^)

Greg and Donna said...

I love the ballet outfit! LB looks beautiful!