Friday, May 21, 2010

my dancing girl

Today has been a big day already and it is only 10:00 in the morning. First, I got a call about 7:45 to let me know that I have a new nephew ... Asher Gallatin (I hope I am spelling that right!) born at his home early this morning ... mom and baby are doing well. LB is already over the fact that HE isn't a SHE ... the girls are seriously outnumbered in our family ... 12 grand kids, only 3 girls! But a baby is a baby and my little girl LOVES babies, so even a boy is better than nothing!

This morning was the morning that LB's dance school does a recruitment day at the local elementary school ... no, they don't call it that, but I am sure that is the purpose. We don't mind, it is fun and it gives the girls a chance to practice in front of an audience before the actual recital. This year, LB's class danced their tap number ... I don't know the name of the song they were dancing to, but the girls did a great job. There are six girls in the class and only two of them could be there this morning, so LB and LK danced a duet. These two girls have been dancing together since they were six years old ... they have known each other all their lives because LK's mom and I have been friends for most of our lives, specifically since about 3rd grade. I videoed the girls dancing, but when you watch it, remember that there are supposed to be six girls doing this dance!

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Without further ado ... here is my dancing girl!


Rie said...

Tell her she did great! It was brave of just the two of them to get up there.

Also tell her I wish I could do that - can you, Jennifer?

Jennifer said...

Absolutely not, Rie! I took one year of baton as a kid and hated it! LB voluntarily did a solo tap at the recital two years ago and she and LK did a duet last year. This year she is dancing her first lyrical ballet solo ... she is very brave!

Greg and Donna said...

Great job LB! The outfits are beautiful too, all sparkly and spangly! My girls have recital in 2 weeks and then we are done with dance till August! Yeah!

And congratulations on the nephew...good thing LB recovered from the boy shock quickly...cause ya can't send him back!

KTElltt said...

That was really great! LB has great form on keeping her arm straight and following through all the way with the tambourine. I don't know why I notice things like that but I do...