Tuesday, May 25, 2010


#19 for 2010
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Outside my window ... the sun is shining down on freshly mowed grass.  The wind is blowing through the tree in my neighbor's back yard, reminding me that I love windy days.

I am thinking ... that I didin't make the coffee strong enough this morning.  I am not a fan of weak coffee.

I am thankful for ... playdates in the park.

I am wearing ... blue plaid lounge pants and an orange t-shirt.

I am creating ... neat and organized rooms for my kids ... at least I am trying AGAIN to accomplish this goal.

I am going ... nowhere today, Ronnie has my van since the air conditioner isn't working in his truck.  We will all be going to JW's last baseball game tonight, assuming it doesn't rain today.

I am reading ... Esther by Charles Swindoll.

I am hoping ... that JW enjoys his last baseball game tonight and that LB enjoys her last dance class of the year today.  Her recital this weekend will mark the end of her 6th year of dance. 

I am praying for ... our pastor, Bro. Don, and our friend, Brad, who leave today for a mission trip in Kodiak, Alaska.  They will working at the Crab Festival, doing construction on a parsonage, surveying a neighborhood, and/or anything else that they are called on to do.  Their prayer is simply that they do it all in the name of Jesus.

I am hearing ... only my typing. 

From the kitchen ... there is bread rising in the bread machine and we will be having leftovers for lunch.  I'm not sure what we'll be having for supper, but it will be something using the ground beef I have already cooked in the refrigerator.

From the learning rooms ... LB begins learning "jingles" today in her grammar lesson.  I am not exactly sure what that will be about, but I am looking forward to finding out.  Otherwise it is just a normal day.

Around the house ... there are a few more projects I want to complete before my parents come for supper on Thursday night and Ronnie's mom and cousin arrive for the recital on Saturday.

One of my favorite things ... children sleeping peacefully, especially when they are all in their own bed!

Counting my blessings ... a sweet church family who surprised my hubby (and our music minister) with a birthday celebration after church Sunday night, time spent with friends yesterday, watching the dirt run off my child and down the drain after a long, fun day playing, completely exhausted kids who fall into bed and sleep peacefully all night, not having to get those kids up at any particular time this morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... Keeper's meeting tomorrow, LB's dance pictures on Thursday and recital on Saturday.  I am hoping that sometime this week I'll get to take a drive down to see my new nephew.

A picture to share with you ... my all time favorite dance picture of LB

I hope you have a great week!


Greg and Donna said...

Have fun at recital, our is next weekend! Hope you get to see your new nephew soon! See you tomorrow at Keepers.

Prairiemaid said...

I always enjoy coming here, just the name of your blog makes me smile!

Sweet picture of a beautiful girl.


Elizabeth said...

Oh yes, children sleeping peacefully in their own beds. Our 3yo is just now starting to sleep in her own bed and almost through the night. The simple pleasure of a good nights sleep. Thanks for the peek into your week.

rutledgeramblings said...

Wish I could have made it to the play date yesterday :( We had sooo much to catch up on after being gone for a week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your daybook! I agree that play dates in the park are fun :)


Felicity said...

I love reading your "Counting my Blessings" - you come up with so many lovely things!
I hope the recital and last games all go well. You must be looking forward to the end of the school year. It seems so strange to have the end of the school year in the middle of the year - we're half way through our year!
Have a wonderful, blessed week!

Donna said...

I love your Daybook! I also love the sun shining on newly mowed grass...I love watching the sun catch the little drops of dew and make them sparkle. :)

I love strong coffee, also! My dad thinks I make it too strong, but it's just right!!

Hope all goes well with the dance recital. I'm sure LB will do a great job.

Have a good day, Jennifer!

KTElltt said...

Bread? Do you have any left? Directions to your house, please... We can continue our controversial conversation when I get there. :)