Sunday, July 17, 2011

keeping up with the guys in Alaska

Ronnie and Brad made it to Kotzebue late last night (our time anyway) and so far my only conversation with him was something like the can you hear me now commercials.  All I was able to find out last night was that they had made it safely, but Ronnie's bag hadn't ... thankfully, they did know where the bag was and that it was on its way, just a few flights behind!

Anyway, since I have very little information to share, I am going to link you over to my friend Amy's blog where her hubby (Ronnie's traveling companion) Brad will be guest blogging from Kotzebue.  I would be happy to let Ronnie do the same here, but I doubt that I could talk him into it ... we'll see, but for now, head on over to Life Sentences and see what they are up to.

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