Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a belated birthday party

JW turned 9 the week of Thanksgiving ... then we left for Atlanta to work in the OCC Processing Center (something I have yet to blog about...) and from Atlanta we drove up to Tennessee for vacation (something else I haven't blogged about...) and when we got back it was December and the mad dash for Christmas had begun.  The result of all that busyness is that JW missed having any real birthday celebration, even though he had been promised that he could have a couple of friends sleep over instead of a party.  We finally settled on a date and yesterday was it.  We made the house a sister-free zone by trading children with Amy ... I got her son, Gogurt, and she got LB to hang out with Poptart.  The drama level may have dropped a little with the departure of my girl, but the noise level has risen exponentially.  Along with JW and Gogurt we also have another of JW's friends, Bubba (his sister's nickname for him).

The boys have played extraordinarily well with each other.  There have been a few times when the three of them each had a different opinion about what to play, but they have been able to work it out themselves, so that has been nice.  I only threatened to turn off the Wii once when they were discussing which game to play.  Most of the time yesterday they were doing their best to fill my yard and the empty lot across the street with 5,000 airsoft pellets.  Later, they held some sort of jumping contest that involved the top bunk of JW's bed.  Ronnie finally had to ask them to stop when the pictures on the living room wall started bouncing.

Needless to say, the kids' new Wii has been a top attraction around here, but I did take them to my parents' house this morning where they played fort and shot their airsoft and BB guns and rode down the hill in the wagon and tramped through the woods and whatever else boys can find to do in the great outdoors.  I did take some pictures but will have to add those later.

As a side note, I have to share my new favorite fun breakfast.  I have to give credit to the kids ... they saw these on a Pillsbury commercial and wanted me to make them for Christmas breakfast, so I did. 

Let me just say that they were easy and actually pretty good, so I thought it would be a good breakfast for the boys this morning.  In case you are curious, it is just a crescent dinner roll (I used the actual triangle ones for Christmas) unrolled and then layered with ham and cheese and rolled back up and baked.  Like I said ... EASY!

Hopefully, JW enjoyed his birthday party because it is about over.  Bubba has already gone home and Gogurt will be returned to his family at church tonight, and so, with three days to spare, we are finished with birthdays for 2010 ... only a month and five days late!


Greg and Donna said...

Yummy, those rolls sounds great! glad y'all are enjoying the Wii, I like it because they can all play together.

Felicity said...

At least they had a good time! Those rolls look great! I want a Wii (and of course my kids do too...) ;-)