Friday, December 10, 2010

another belated birthday post

Just over two weeks ago, on November 24th, my oldest son turned 9. 
One more year in single digits.

Unfortunately for JW, his birthday always gets caught up in Thanksgiving.  This year was even worse.  Not only was Thanksgiving the day after his birthday, we were leaving for our vacation the day after Thanksgiving and there just wasn't time to have much of a party.  I did make his favorite cake and had a "celebration" of sorts while we got together with Ronnie's family.

Sadly, I took very few pictures of JW on his birthday.  Here's the best of what I got.

please ignore the unfolded socks on the couch behind him ;-)

JW has been asking for his own bat (not a hand-me-down) and batting gloves for a while now, but we just couldn't justify the money.  BUT, this year when Wal-Mart had all their summer sports stuff on clearance, we got a really good deal on these items and put them up for his birthday.  He was thrilled, even if baseball season is still several months away.  He is still hoping for a spend-the-night party with a couple of friends, but that may have to wait until school is out for Christmas break ... we'll just have to see!


Rie said...

Happy Birthday JW! I didn't even realize. Please wish him a belated one from all of us.

Glad you are back in town, miss your face!

Felicity said...

Happy Birthday to your son! My eldest son turned 15 on the 20th of November! I like his bat, and hope he enjoys the baseball season. (Baseball is one of my favourite games - but not very big here at all...)