Thursday, September 23, 2010

wishes . . .

Happy Birthday

to two of my favorite blogging buddies!


Happy Belated Birthday

to another blogging buddy!

September is a busy birthday month and I hope that I am not missing any other of my friends whose birthdays are this month ... but, if I missed you, happy birthday to you, too!

For the ones I am sure of ... and who just happen to be my friends in the real world as well ...

Marie @ Just Call me 'Rie
Donna @ Mississippi Mama
Betsy @ Handwoven Dreams
who, coincidentally, loves birthdays more than any other adult I know ;-)

I hope you ladies have (or had) a wonderfully blessed day!


Rie said...

Thank you! I didn't realize it was Betsy's so thanks for that, too!

Greg and Donna said...

Thanks Jennifer! Pretty cool that mine and Betsy's birthdays are the same day!

Handwoven Dreams said...

Oh. My. Goodnes. Jennifer! I feel so honored with such a sweet birthday shout out! I feel so blessed to have your friendship! Thank you!