Tuesday, April 20, 2010


#15 for 2010
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Outside my window ... The cloudy start to the day is giving way to a blue sky and sunshine.  It is still cool now, but I suspect it will be warming up nicely before long.

I am wearing ... blue jeans and my red Mayfield Dairy Farms t-shirt.

I am hearing ... the kids talking and laughing in the kitchen.

I am going ... to meet with JW's speech teacher in a little while to discuss next year.  Later, I'll be going to our homeschool group's monthly Mom's meeting.

I am thinking ... that I am probably not going to get out of taking the kids to the library today.  I like for them to go, but it always makes me nervous ... D hasn't exactly mastered his "library voice" yet!

I am hoping ... that things go well for my Mama today.

I am reading ... So Many Versions by Sakae Kubo and Walter F. Specht and Across the Years by Tracie Peterson.

On my mind ... the fact that I just realized that our family page for our homeschool group yearbook is due tonight and I haven't even started!

I am creating ... a better-late-than-never family page.

I am remembering ... a sweet lady who lost her husband this weekend.

Counting my blessings ... my Daddy's good news about his knees ~ he will be able to have partial knee replacements instead of full ones, the chance to talk some things over with Mama last night ~ which gave me a clearer understanding of an issue I have been working through, the re-affirming of an old friendship in the last week.

Words that I am pondering ... "What are your greatest passions?  How are you fulfilling them?" This was asked as part of our Sunday School lesson last Sunday and no one wanted to answer it in class.  I think our fear was that our answers either wouldn't be spiritual enough (especially if we were completely honest) or that they would sound too much like a pat "Sunday School" answer ... either way, the question has gotten my wheels turning.

From the learning rooms ... our last co-op class is this week and we need to finish up reading the lessons.  This has been a great year in co-op, but, as I have said for the last couple of weeks, I am looking forward to the summer break from classes.

From the kitchen ... supper will need to be really simple since I will be heading to a meeting and Ronnie will be taking the kids to JW's baseball game.  I'm thinking something easy in the crockpot would be good.

Around the house ... I must tackle the kids closets soon.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... the boys have haircuts on Wednesday, the big kids have co-op on Friday, and I have a bridal shower on Saturday.

One of my favorite things ... research.  I know it sounds strange, but I love to dig into various subjects and find out all I can ... it is fun to me.

A picture to share with you ... determination!


Felicity said...

I love your photo! My boys would so much like to play softball, but it's really not big here. You seem to do so much with your homeschool co-op! Things just never seems to get going properly here! I hope you have a good week.

Prairiemaid said...

How true, that photo definitely says determination!

Love your blog, especially the name.;-)


KTElltt said...

Ooooooooooh! I LOVE RESEARCH TOO!!!! May I please refer to you as a "fellow-nerd"??? ;)