Monday, April 5, 2010

all dressed up

Can you tell how much my kids love having their picture taken?

LB prefers having her picture taken
with daisies instead of brothers!

JW strikes a pose ... how many boys do you know
who beg to wear their suit every Sunday?  Me?  Just one.

D prefers a more casual look ...
he honestly thought he was going to choke to death
when his Daddy and JW tried to get him to wear a tie.

The crew at church yesterday

Meet D's friend, Poptart ...
these two are serious about being best friends ...
just ask them, they'll tell you!


Felicity said...

Cute kids! I think your daughter looks like you (judging by your photo..) My sons wear suits to church too, and won't go without them!!

Greg and Donna said...

Beautiful pictures Jennifer! Like the best friend shot too!

Rie said...

They look great! Beautiful!