Friday, August 21, 2009


I am one of those people who truly enjoys family reunions. I love getting to see my cousins and catch up. Each year we promise each other that we will stay in touch through the year, but we never do. That is one of the reasons the reunions are so important. Besides that, it gives me an opportunity to see my parents re-connecting with the people they grew up with. I love hearing the stories from their childhood years and just watching them interact with each other.

Tomorrow, my family will be gathering at a nearby state park to hang out with my mother's mother's family. There aren't a lot of us, but that just makes it easier to really catch up with more of the family. I can hardly wait to see every one's kids and how they have grown since last year. There are some who aren't with us any more and even though we will miss them, we will also enjoy sharing memories of them and keeping their memory alive.

Of course, no reunion would be complete without the food. As a child, I could tell you pretty much what each family member would fix for the various reunions. For my Granddaddy's family, my Granny would always make chicken and dumplings. Aunt Mog would always bring her chicken and dressing and my mother never went to a reunion without her chocolate cake. I am a southern girl and I cannot deny the importance of the meal. So, in preparation, my hubby is, at this moment, grating potatoes for a casserole I am making and my cookies are already cooling on the platter. My Daddy just came to borrow an onion for the cornbread dressing that my mom is making. And next door to her, my sister-in-law will be making sweet potato casserole (which makes my daughter extremely happy!) and an apple cake. And on and on it goes.

So, tonight I feel the anticipation of enjoying a tradition in my family ... that is, celebrating family.

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Kingdom Mama said...

There's not enough of that today...celebrating family.

I hope you all had a wonderful time!

Thanks for the link!