Friday, July 10, 2009

a little indulgence, please

Before I even begin, I must ask for your indulgence for what is sure to be a totally random post. I hope you'll keep reading ... I might actually find something interesting to say somewhere along the way.

First, I have been absent from the blogging world for much of the past couple of weeks simply because I couldn't find the time (or energy) to write anything. A couple of days before we left to go get our new van, our washing machine bit the dust. It was not a sad farewell. I must tell you that I was happy to see the thing go since Ronnie bought it while he was still single, close to 15 years ago. Just for the record, the laundry needs of a single man and a family of five are not exactly the same.

So, what does that have to do with me being busy? Simple. In order to remove the old washer/dryer from the tiny closet-like space off of our kitchen and replace it with the new ones, we had to first move the refrigerator. I know, it makes no sense that someone would design a house this way and it makes even less sense that I wouldn't have noticed that little bit of info before buying this house 11 years ago. But someone did design it this way and we were un-observant enough to buy it and so we just have to deal with the little imperfections. Okay, if we are going to move the fridge anyway and the laundry room is going to be empty, shouldn't this be the perfect time to replace the kitchen tile (that came with the house) and the carpet in the dining room? It makes perfect sense to me.

Honestly, I am not complaining. We have been wanting to do these projects for a very long time and I am thankful that the washer died so that we would be spurred into action and actually get them done. I also found out something. Removing an old, ugly, glued-to-the-concrete tile floor can be a great way to relieve stress. And another thing I learned is that I actually like laying tile. We chose a very affordable peel and stick vinyl tile. It is not fancy, but it fits our house and our budget. Now that it is done, I am wondering why we waited so long to do it.

Having to move everything out of our kitchen and dining room, which included unloading my china cabinet - by far the least enjoyable task of the entire project, forced me to face an issue that I have long needed to tackle.

Clutter. As I type the word a shudder runs through me. Why, you ask? Allow me to introduce myself.

"Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a pack-rat and I am married to a pack-rat, with a weakness for gadgets."

Put two people like us in a small house and what you have is a mess that I am struggling to contain. I really want to do what so many people tell me is the perfect solution ... just get rid of it. I am trying ... really I am.

I think I would make a good candidate for one of those TV shows where someone comes in and drags your stuff out into the yard and makes you keep getting rid of things until all that is left will fit on a tiny little tarp. I think I could benefit from someone telling me that I really don't have to keep everything that no one else wanted out of my grandmother's house or every thing my kids ever touched as babies or made in Sunday School.

So, I'd love to know how you keep your clutter under control.

Maybe random is not the right word to describe this post ... I think rambling might be better. If you have made it this far you must really be bored! Please forgive me and I'll try to do better next time.


alicia said...

Jennifer, hey, its me. You know the friend who is almost always late. ha ha . Well I love logging on every morning at work and seeing if you or Amy has posted anything new in your lives for me to read. It seems like I can stay close to ya'll that way even if I don't have time to talk to you everyday. And on the subject ot clutter, well I have learned to pick out special things and hold on tight to them. That you can't keep everything but hold on to SOME wordly things it is important. But the most important memories are in your heart. Keep those and all the pictures. Take it from someone who knows. Love ya alicia

Amy-Brad said...

If you decide to be on that show (I can't remember the name of it, but have watched it before), I'll be right there cheering you on. If you decide not to be on that show, I can come over with a tarp and be the meanie screaming at you to throw things away. Whichever you choose.



Jennifer said...

Thanks, Alicia! These are hard lessons, but I think I'm getting there ... slowly!

Amy, I think I'd choose for you to be the "meanie" screaming at me ... I think it would be fun to see you in that role! And I think the name of the show that I used to watch was Clean Sweep, but I'm not sure ... it has been a long time since I had those channels.