Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Night Date

Well, it is Friday again and time for our standard "date night." Sounds like fun, huh? Well, not really. Our Friday nights usually consist of cleaning the church and maybe running some errands. Tonight, I want to go get a new garbage can for my kitchen before we head to the church. (Yawn)

Don't get me wrong ... I actually enjoy the work we do for the church and I don't mind running errands together as a family. BUT, I would like to get a few minutes alone with my husband once in a while. To be honest, I cannot remember the last time we had an evening alone. And the few we have had, we always feel compelled to get back quickly so that no one is burdened with our kids any longer than necessary.

I'll be honest. Normally, I don't really mind our lack of date nights. I love spending time with our whole family together ~ we have fun together and I think it is wonderful. But lately, I just find myself missing having a conversation with Ronnie that doesn't require us correcting any unruly children or dreaming of having a meal somewhere that might actually have table cloths and no kids menu.

But for tonight, I am going to enjoy taking the kids to Target to buy a new garbage can and maybe going to Chick-fil-A to redeem our coupons for free sandwiches that we were given at the baseball game a few weeks ago and then we will round out the evening by buying a few groceries after we finish up at the church.

Okay ... I know it is not exciting. And, I guess I can live with that, but I won't promise that I'm not thinking about something just a little bit different.

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