Saturday, October 8, 2011

some people show goats ...

Us?  We do crafts.

Two years ago, I had no idea that ordinary people could enter their craft items to be judged and displayed at the fair.  I have seen the displays before, but never paid a whole lot of attention to them until Marie and Donna started talking about their Keepers group and the items that they would work on as fair entries.  Last year we dabbled in the idea of fair entries ~ LB entered 4 items and I entered 2.  We decided that we really like doing it, so this year we did a few more ... 13 for LB and 11 for me.  JW even entered two items - a glass etching and a painted wooden sailboat - and was surprised with blue ribbons on both.  LB received 7 blue ribbons and 6 red ribbons ... and just for the record, she has already spent her prize money at least 10 different ways, but the top of her list is a trip to the American Girl store when we go to Atlanta next month for a short vacation and to work in the OCC processing center.  All in all, we were quite pleased with the results of this year's fair and we spent a lot of time looking at the projects displayed and talking about the things we can do for next year.

JW and D worked together to paint the sailboat

LB's small crocheted purse ... I may have helped with this one just a little

The little glass jar in the middle is JW's etching
LB's "hobo" bag ...
she made it with some help from her Grandmother

LB's mosaic picture frame
LB's quilling ... she also painted the picture frame
LB's string art
My very first doily

My tin punch ... I think this could be a pretty good stress reliever

The set of multi-colored coasters in the center is mine ...
the off-white ones to the left of mine were made by my friend Donna

This is my quilling ... and it is my favorite of all my fair entries this year.

 Next year I plan to enter more crocheted items ... especially the larger ones like an afghan and a baby blanket.  I would also like to do a dresser scarf or table runner in the fine thread category.  JW is all excited about entering things next year since he now realizes that there is money involved!  We'll just have to wait and see if he can maintain his excitement long enough to actually get things made all next next year.


Rie said...

The kids did a great job - and so did you. I love it when they make their own money!

Aren't those good times? Some people think we're crazy but I love it! I love the mess and threads on the floor and paint on my tables and glue stuck everywhere.

ARE we crazy?!

Greg and Donna said...

Could just be that we are the NORMAL ones and everyone else is crazy! Just something to consider! I sure have lots of fun with all you girls!
And seeing all the blue ribbons is thrilling ~ no matter what your age!