Monday, February 21, 2011

blessing abound

This makes about the tenth time I have started this post and I just can't seem to find the right words to express what I am feeling right now.  Maybe that is a good thing ... not that I am in a bad mood, just that being thankful is much more useful than the crazy thoughts running around in my head.

31. children playing barefoot in the yard in February
32. windows open letting in the beautiful weather
33. listening to (and trying to learn) our new Easter music ... which included singing with the music and only giving a passing thought to the fact that the windows were open and what my neighbors might think about my singing.
34. the kids working together to clean the living room this morning
35. lentils and rice for supper (one of my favorites!)
36. Ronnie meeting with other Dads in our homeschool group to pray for their families
37. Marie and Gregg opening their home for the men to meet
38. the friendships that I see developing between my husband and the other dads
39. the wonderfully uplifting sermon on Heaven that was shared in our service yesterday morning
40. Ronnie preaching last night ... he only does this once or twice a year and he does a great job, though it makes me incredibly nervous!
41. and finally, since we are supposed to be thankful for everything ... I am thankful for the sink/counter full of dishes that I must go wash RIGHT NOW!

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Rie said...

Amen to all those beautiful blessings! Keep those thoughts on the good things, girl. I'm saying that to you as I struggle right now to live it. Saying it out loud helps. If our hearts could just always outrun our heads!