Tuesday, June 29, 2010


#22 for 2010

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Outside my window ... the weeds in the back yard are taller than the dog ... I really need to get it cut today!

I am hearing ... the soft snoring of one of the boys in my bed ... I think it is JW.

I am going ... to a dinner in celebration of the birth of my nephew.

I am wearing ... blue knit pants and a yellow t-shirt.

I am noticing that ... our puppy doesn't look much like a puppy anymore ... she is getting so big!

I am thinking ... about the vacation we are trying to plan for this fall and hoping it works out.  I think Ronnie is getting a little stir crazy ... he needs a break (and something to look forward to)!

I am hoping ... to get to see some friends from my college days who will be in town this weekend.  Catching up on Facebook is nice, but it would be MUCH better to actually see them in person.

I am reading ... Philippians.

I am creating ... LB's pillowcase dress.  I need to go to Mama's and finish hemming the dress we started and hopefully, I will soon get a chance to make the 2nd dress I bought material for.  LB wants to keep these, so I plan to buy more fabric to make dresses to donate.

On my mind ... my friend whose husband passed away last week and a young mother who is having a hard time following the birth of her 2nd child.

I am remembering ... the beautiful wedding we attended on Saturday.  The bride was in Ronnie's youth group 10 years ago when we came to the church where we are now.  It is hard for me to fathom that those kids are married and some of them even have kids of their own now ... tends to make a body feel rather old.

Counting my blessings ...  getting to attend Sammy's wedding, fresh cucumbers about to become pickles, LB getting to spend the day with my parents (if she'll ever get out of bed!), kids who still like to sit in my lap ~ even if they don't fit anymore, dreaming and planning vacations with Ronnie, making plans for promoting Operation Christmas Child this fall.

Words that I am pondering ... Is there something in your life that has no real spiritual meaning, but which you regularly do?

From the learning rooms ... LB is going shopping with Mama today while Daddy is in physical therapy, so it will just be JW and me ... we are going to spend some time reviewing the phonics book he just finished.

From the kitchen ... potato casserole and hot corn ... I'm helping my sister-in-law with the dinner for Asher tonight.

Around the house ... we are getting ready for Granny to come on Thursday ... today, I'll be tackling bathrooms.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... Granny coming, WMU dinner on Thursday, hoping to get together with friends this weekend, church picnic and bike parade (for the kids) on Sunday.

One of my favorite things ... weddings.

A picture to share with you ... LB working on her pillowcase dress
I hope you have a wonderful week!


Katharine said...

Hi! Enjoyed your post today... Love the pillowcase dress idea! Blessings on your day

Felicity said...

Congratulations on the new nephew! I'll be getting one soon too!
Have a good week.

Donna said...

Hi, Jennifer,

Happy Wednesday! I'm just getting around to my favorite blogs, and just wanted to say Hi!

Sounds like a full week for your family.

I love the pillowcase dress. I'll have to google that one...Looks like fun to me! :)