Thursday, January 7, 2010

my new hobby

I have always wanted to learn to sew.  In the past I have managed to make a few pillows, a skirt for a Sacagawea costume and a shirt for a Meriweather Lewis costume (or was it Clark?  I can't really remember).  In other words, I could sew a seam, but not really follow a pattern.

When we pulled the Christmas stuff out this year I remembered how worn out the kids' old stockings were and I really wanted to make them new ones instead of buying them.  So, I did.  I didn't use a pattern, exactly.  I just traced an old stocking on a piece of construction paper and then transfered that to the fabric.  I am pretty happy with how they turned out, though I wish I had bought the fabric earlier when I could have found a bigger selection of Christmas fabrics.




As proud as I am of the kids' stockings, I am much prouder of what I made for LB this week.  I actually followed a pattern for this one.  And, I think it turned out great ... even if I do say so myself!  I have cut out one for myself, but haven't had time to sew it yet.  For those of you who really know how to sew, please don't be too critical of my first attempt!  Next, I am going to try to make LB a dress, but she wants me to sew for her new American Girl doll.  And, JW is begging me to make something for him.  I am really getting excited about the prospects.


Felicity said...

Well Done! Nothing wrong with them. I enjoy sewing too, when I get the time...

Donna said...

You did a wonderful job! The stockings look great and I love the apron. I just started sewing 8 or so years ago and I love it! Keep up the good work!

Rie said...

Those are beautiful! You know I love the apron - they're hip and happening, right?

I admire your desire to learn. That desire passed right over me like a rock skipping on water.

My sister made her boys capes this year for Christmas. They play Narnia and knights and such. Bet the boys would like those. Get to work, girl!

Love 'ya!