Friday, January 15, 2010

bits and pieces

Have you ever had one of those weeks? 

I'm not saying that this has been a bad week ... just a hard to define one.  I don't have anything really specific to write about, but I really wanted to post today, so I'll just be sharing some random happenings from the week.

Monday afternoon I went to Mama's to work on the jumper I am making for LB.  I didn't have everything I needed, but I did manage to get the pattern out and ironed and the material cut out.  Unfortunately, that is as far as I got.  I am planning to work on it today, while the kids finish up the week's school work at Mama's.  This may or may not be a good thing since my parents are out of town and I'll be own my own.  Mama did tell me to call her if I have any questions, but I am not sure that a phone conversation will be the best help.  We'll see how it goes.

I have learned to really dislike Tuesdays.  JW goes to speech in the morning and LB has dance in the afternoon.  It seems as if we can't get anything done, school wise, on those days.  We did manage to get math lessons finished a few minutes before Ronnie got home from work.  I absolutely hate doing school that late in the day.  On the upside, taking a suggestion from my friend Marie's blog, I had LB do her first daybook.  I used some of the same prompts that I use for my blog and wrote them in a notebook for her to answer.  She loved the concept, and finished it quickly ... which is amazing since she generally hates writing.  The only problem was that she doesn't want me to read it!  I plan to have her do this a couple of times a week at first and am hoping that she will want to do it more often on her own.  I may even work on a shortened version for JW to do.

And, speaking of Marie, I would like to suggest that you visit her blog and read her post entitled  Jesus wept for Haiti.  I think you will be blessed ... I was.

The biggest story of our week is the stray dog that wandered into our yard on Wednesday afternoon.  Much to my surprise, I allowed the kids to play with the little guy and even gave him a little food.  I am not usually moved by strays, but he looked so hungry and seemed so sweet.  He had obviously been around children before since he wasn't bothered by D's wild antics.  He hung around in the yard until the kids came inside and then he ran off.  They were disappointed that he didn't stay.  He did come back yesterday.  The kids think that we need to try and catch him and keep him.  I am not sure that is such a good idea.  I'm not sure what you have to do to make it safe to keep a stray dog, but I figure it would involve a pretty healthy sum of money.

I haven't really wanted dogs in the past, mainly because I don't want to deal with the messes that they make.  BUT, after seeing JW's face and how quickly he attached himself to this dog, I am thinking that maybe it is true that every boy needs a dog.  I don't know how we'll do it, but I have a feeling that pet ownership is definitely coming in the near future.

So, how about you guys.  How has your week been?

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