Friday, May 22, 2009

a few pictures from our vacation

The family

J.W. at the Mayfield Dairy ... really yummy ice cream and a pretty cool tour

The kids sitting on a jersey cow outside of the Mayfield store ... because apparently, jersey cows make the best milk and therefore the best ice cream ...

J.W. and me at Ober Gatlinburg ... the kids loved this place

LB with the city of Gatlinburg behind her

D climbing a fence and scaring his Granny half to death ... she was sure that he would climb over and tumble down the hill ... not that I would have put it past him, but we were keeping a pretty close watch.

A few of my favorite pictures from the Ripley's Aquarium
The mountains living up to their name in Cade's Cove

This is one of my favorites from the entire trip!

And finally, the pictures would not be complete if I didn't include a small tribute to the MANY rest areas we visited along the way. All I can say is that they have been greatly improved since my first road trip as a child. And, I am glad that there are lots of them.

Of course, there are tons more pictures I could show you, but I would hate to put you to sleep. I will be posting a few more trip pictures when I tell you about the kids new favorite thing to do.

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Amy said...

Cool pictures! Looks like fun....