Saturday, March 17, 2012

spring has sprung, our first broken bone, and other happenings

I can't tell you how much I really, really miss being able to blog whenever I want to, instead of just when I have a few extra minutes when we are at the church, especially since I am supposed to be using this time to finish this week's bulletin.

Our weeks have been busy ones lately.  Ronnie's Mom came for a visit a couple of weeks ago and we enjoyed spending time with her.  His brother and sister-in-law even came over on Sunday afternoon to eat lunch with us.  It is rare for all of us (minus their grown kids) to be together.

With the arrival of spring (and spring allergies-oh joy!) has also come the arrival of baseball season.  D moved up from t-ball to coach pitch baseball this year and is incredibly excited about it.  JW is still in the 9 and 10 year old league, but his season is looking doubtful ... more on that later.  I have yet to attend a baseball practice to meet the coaches and other parents.  I have taken advantage of all three kids going with Ronnie to the park to spend a little quiet time at home.  I have felt a little guilty about Ronnie taking all the kids, but since I have (for the most part) used the time to get things done around the house, I guess it isn't too bad.  Soon, games will begin and we will all be at the park together - every night (except Wednesdays) - for weeks.

I suppose I should be thankful that it has taken this long for one of our children to break a bone.  If I had to pick which child I thought would have been the first, I have to admit that it would have be D (aka: the hurricane or wild child) rather than the calmer JW.  Last Sunday, while playing at a friends' house during our Sunday afternoon swap, JW jumped out of the back of a truck (parked, of course) and tripped, landing on his left hand.  From what I can understand (we don't see the bone doctor until Monday) he has a small break above his wrist.  This is new territory for us and I have no idea what to expect when we go back to the doctor on Monday morning.  JW is taking almost all of this in stride with the exception of the fact that he will most likely miss some, if not all, of this baseball season.  Since this is the only sport he plays, I really hate to see him have to miss it, but I am very thankful that he didn't break his neck, so I guess one baseball season isn't a bad trade off.

In other happenings, LB is getting ready for her 7th dance recital!  She has started pointe ballet this spring and is loving it ... she and her friend, Desi, are the only two in their class taking pointe and their teacher told me that if they continue doing well, she may allow them to show off a few steps in the finale of the recital.  Desi and LB are also planning another duet for the recital ... and I am happy to say that they will be doing tap this year, and they are going to let their dance teacher help them choose their music, so I am sure it will be good.

We have been sandwiching school into all these activities.  Our big thing this year has been reading.  LB has continued in her love for reading and I am thrilled to say that JW has now joined the bandwagon and has gotten excited about reading as well.  D is progressing quickly with his phonics and I think he will be reading well by the end of the school year!  I am busy trying to decide what curriculum to order for next year and am looking forward to getting some of the new things ordered.  Just for the record ... I LOVE new school books!

Hopefully, we will soon get the issue with our computer at home resolved and I will be able to go back to blogging on a regular basis - not to mention being able to read everyone else's blogs!  Until then, I hope you have a wonderful spring!


Greg and Donna said...

New School books, new crayons & markers, new notebooks and a new start! I love it too! I will be entering my last 2 years as a homeschool mama. What to do with the days then? I am sure Lb will do great with her recital, JW needs to heal quickly, and D will have a great time with baseball!

Greg and Donna said...

And I think its summer now! Spring didn't last long except for the pollen!

Felicity said...

I have the same problem finding time to blog.
Sorry to hear about JW's arm - hope it'll heal fast and that he won't miss too much baseball.

Rie said...

can i give you an order to blog every time you are at church?

missed you!

delia broke and arm at 2 and then again at 6. shelby broke a foot, and an ankle, and a collarbone, fractured a tailbone, but never an arm!? izzy has broken her arm twice, and her foot once.

somebody please help!!

i'm thinking about new books, too. this time of year i should be working on the ones i already have, but alas . . .