Friday, November 18, 2011

OCC 2011 ... in pictures

National Collection Week is finally here!  It has been a good week so far and we still have 3 days to go.  I always love the excitement and even the busyness of collection week ... I enjoy the time spent with the people who volunteer with us.  In the first few years our church was a relay center, most of the volunteers were from our church, with only a couple of exceptions.  Now, we have lots of people who come to help us and I love seeing new people get a feel for the ministry and leave excited about what they have done, knowing that this ministry has eternal significance!

As usual, I have taken tons of pictures this week (and at our church's packing party) but I'll just share a few of my favorites today ... don't miss the last picture, it is my favorite!

Packing party with our home school group

JW and LB teaching their new friend how to fold the boxes

Amy and Poptart packing a box
The busiest table in the room ...
getting the boxes tagged after they are packed

Glenn and Don adding hygeine products

Some of the finished boxes from our church

Trying to get the group together for a picture

one of the first groups of boxes that was
brought to our relay center

Morgan and Caitlin "man-handling" a carton full of shoe boxes

LB and the CLIF guys unloading boxes

JW ... if his arms were just a little longer, he could carry six!

Amy doing the hard task of numbering the filled cartons, while LB looks on.
I sure do appreciate Amy doing that unpleasant job!

 We do see some unusual things come through the relay center ...
for instance we got six boxes from one lady, all stuffed to the gills with notes taped to the top.
 In case you can't read the writing, it says
boy 4-9 ... contents listed ...
Please don't remove anything ... I know it's full - just tape the ends

list of the contents in the box
One of my favorite things about collection week is seeing all the cartons lined up,
waiting to be moved on to the next location ...

Okay ... now for my favorite picture ... 

Brad and Ronnie hamming it up at the church's packing party ...
it is a shame that they didn't have matching ties!


Greg and Donna said...

We had a great time helping. Can't wait till next year! We've already started collecting our goodies!

Sarah, from Samaritan's Purse said...

Now that is a lot of boxes! Thanks so much for volunteering, and posting on your blog. Looks like y'all have an incredible homeschool group.