Tuesday, March 8, 2011

promises of things to come

I started this post last week when the weather was beautiful and we were all feeling a little bit of spring fever.  Today, the weather is a little more seasonal (rainy and cool) and our moods may not be as bright, but I'm going to forge ahead anyway.

Painted toenails.

Children playing barefoot in the sunshine.

Baseball/t-ball practices.

Plans for a May dance recital.

New Easter music.

Practices for end of the year dramas/musicals.

A Mama struggling almost as much as the kids to stay focused on school work.

There can be no doubt, these are all signs that spring is on the way.  I have been loving this little taste of spring that we have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks.  As always, spring holds more than just warmer temperatures and trees blooming ... it holds a promise of things to come.  Some of the things that we know are coming may not be as welcome as others ... like the 95 degree temps and 100% humidity that our summer is sure to hold ... but this isn't the time to focus on that ;-)

I have been amazed this year (as I almost always am) at the beauty and the suddenness of spring flowers ... especially the flowering trees.  This year, the Bradford Pear trees have been stunning in our area.  So much so, that even my kids have noticed how beautiful they are and how many of them they see.  Our small tree has already dropped most of its blooms and is quickly changing from white to green, but several in our neighborhood are still covered in the lovely white blossoms.  Somehow, it just seems to lift my spirit to see the beauty that God has placed in His creation for us to enjoy.  Yet, so often, I forget to praise Him for that beauty.  I simply take it for granted, as if it were just an accident of nature.

In a continued effort to take nothing for granted, I am continuing to count my blessings . . .

42. trees in bloom everywhere
43. barefoot kids ... even if it is only March
44. dead bushes hauled away and the clean new look to our yard
45. boys enjoying baseball
46. a daughter's desire to dance ... and her choosing a song of worship for her duet
47. friends who pray
48. Sunday School parties
49. Adults willing to laugh at themselves
50. simple conversation
51. the sound of rain falling as I type


Handwoven Dreams said...

A lovely post as usual! I hope your mom is feeling better! More than likely, we will be getting a final decision from Bella's birthmom in the next day or two. As usual I feel unprepared to walk away from her. I know God's grace is sufficient. We are plnning on taking a break from fostering for a few months. I hope your day is going well!

Felicity said...

Sounds lovely!! The rain sounds great too. It's so dry here, and winter is a dry season, so I hope we'll get some rain before winter sets in.
It's strange to read of rehearsals for end-of-year dramas/musicals when our school year began only 2 months ago ;-))
I hope your spring weather moves in soon,