Saturday, November 6, 2010

a belated birthday post

D's 5th birthday came and went last month in the midst of a flurry of activity helping with the completion of the new church building and my Mama's birthday and all the other fall busyness that has contributed to my lack of time for blogging.  We did celebrate around here, twice actually.  Before I share some pictures, I have to tell you a funny story about my little guy. 

His birthday was Wednesday, October 20th.  We had planned to have his party on the Friday following his birthday, but we ended up moving it to the next Friday, the 29th.  So, all day long he kept telling us that he wasn't 5 yet and it upset him every time someone told him that he was already five ... which, of course, made it more fun for his older siblings (especially JW) to tell him repeatedly that he was 5 years old.  The long and short of this story is that he would not tell anyone or let anyone tell him that he was 5 years old until we had his party ... a full week and a half after his actual birthday.  He is one stubborn little guy!

Rie's daughter, Shelby, made this cake for D, who loves anything Thomas the Train. 
He did have 2 problems with the cake, first, it doesn't have a #1 on it, a fact that Ronnie enjoyed pointing out to Shelby when he saw her last night ;-).  Second, and the thing that was funniest to me, he had a hard time eating Thomas!  As a matter of fact, Thomas' face is still in my refrigerator because no one has been allowed to eat it!  Even if Thomas is a person in the eyes of my 5 year old, he tasted really good!


Greg and Donna said...

So Thomas' face lives on. Thats pretty funny. The cake is gorgeous, but Shelby doesn't make ugly cakes! Happy 5th Birthday D!

Felicity said...

My younger daughter also refused to believe she'd had her birthday until it was her party. Funny kids!!
I love the cake, and don't blame your son for not wanting to eat it - I wouldn't want to either.