Saturday, October 9, 2010

our day at the fair

Today was our day to work at the MS State Fair in the Operation Christmas Child booth.  I have done this for several years and always enjoy talking to the people as they come through.  The traffic seemed to be a little less this year, possibly because the weather was really pretty (even if it was way too hot to be called "fair weather").  This year was also different because we took the kids with us and four hours is too long to expect them not to get bored.  Still, it wasn't too bad, Ronnie and I just took turns taking the kids around the Trade Mart to look at the various booths and exhibits.

Following our shift in the booth, we took the kids walking around the fair.  I must admit to not being a fan of the fair ... I don't like crowds, I don't like to ride the rides, and I don't like paying hugely inflated prices for greasy food cooked in places of questionable sanitation.  Okay, I know, I'm a party pooper!  The kids wanted to play games or ride something, but we didn't do any of that.  We did watch a circus act perform ... we all enjoyed the family of trapeze artists and the guys on motorcycles inside the great big metal ball were pretty cool in a "man I hope they don't kill themselves" way.

The highlight of the day, at least for LB and me, was getting to see our arts and crafts displayed.  LB couldn't wait to see if she had gotten any blue or red ribbons and was thrilled with the results.  She entered four items in the arts and crafts youth division and received 3 blue ribbons and 1 red ribbon.  I think she was most proud of the blue ribbon on her crocheted scarf.  I only entered two arts and crafts items, a scarf and a decoupaged clipboard.  We both entered jars of tomatoes, pickles, and green beans.  Our tomatoes received blue ribbons, while the others got red ribbons.

hers is the purple scarf hanging behind her

I have to confess that I underestimated how much fun it would be to see all the items displayed with ribbons hanging from them.  I had been satisfied with how much fun LB and I have had making these items, working together with our Keepers at Home group.  But, seeing the results of our hard work and picking out the things we knew had been made by other members of our group, was a perfect way to cap off the fun of making the items.  I am feeling pretty inspired right now to work harder next year to have more items to enter.  I might as well find my own inspiration because my daughter is already chomping at the bit to get busy on things for next year and even JW is thinking that this might not be such a "girlie" thing after all.


my scarf
snowmen made by some of our Keepers friends

LB's wreath

my decoupaged clipboard

LB's decoupaged wooden shopping bag ~
she has done a couple of these as birthday gifts for her friends.

LB's woven paper basket ~ we were both surprised that she got a blue ribbon
since she has used the basket a lot since she made it and it looks a little worn.


Peggy said...

Congratulation LB (and Jennifer) on all your blue ribbons. Keep up the good work can't wait to see what you make next.
Blessings, Nana Skelton

Prairiemaid said...

Hi Jennifer!

I have to confess, I love the fair (at least the county fair), but I am not so crazy about the midway. I let dh take care of the kids there.

Up until the last two years, we have always gone as a family...and with three grown kids and ten grandchildren it is quite an undertaking, but so much fun. It's become a tradition! The last two years, we had two new babies, so we attended the fair in "shifts."

I was so excited this year because the oldest granddaughter has really gotten into making stuff for the exhibits (like her mama did, a few years ago). Such fun!

Thanks for coming by!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me along for your journey. I'm with you, I don't like the rides at a fair. I'm the gal who visits all the handcrafted/handmade booths. I don't mind watching the joy in the faces of the kids, but me on a ride would be akin to cleanup on aisle 5. I would just get ill and make a mess. Hugs. Tammy

I'm having a special GIVEAWAY on my blog if you would like to add your name.

Kristan said...

Hey, remember me... the one with the OCC birthday party blog post a while back. I thought you might be interested in how we made the invites-- cheap. I went to the OCC web site and copied the instruction sheet on how to pack the boxes and pasted it into a post card on I typed the party info on the back and Whalla!-- 250 postcard invites for less than $5 plus shipping. Way more than needed, but if 250 people come-- wow! Who cares if we run out of cake think about all of those boxes!