Friday, November 13, 2009

D's prayer

Let me first tell you that I love to listen to my children pray. Typically, their prayers are so much more simple and straight-forward than my own. They simply lay out what is on their mind and heart, with little reservation. I think I could learn a lesson from them.

Sometimes though, I will admit to having to stifle a giggle as I listen to them pray.

Especially D. Keep in mind, he did just turn 4.

Tonight was one of those times. Here is a rough transcript of his prayer.

Thank you for today. Thank you for S. and thank you for Mr. Brad and for him being a knot-head and for Mrs. Amy ...

I'm not really sure what he said after that, I was too busy trying not to giggle.


Amy-Brad said...

Funny! I can't wait for Brad to read this!


Jennifer said...

I felt sure that he wouldn't be offended!